Top 5 Easy Halloween Crafts to Make


Halloween is celebrated on 31 October every year. The Halloween is celebrated in a number of countries including China, Japan, Singapore, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and United States.

Although, there are number of activities, games, and costumes can be used during the celebrations but this article is dedicated for Halloween Crafts. We’ll give you guys some ideas about Easy Halloween Crafts to make.

Clove and Oranges:

If you don’t have a Pumpkin, just don’t worry we have another idea for you this year. You’ll just need an orange and about 3 dozens of cloves. Simply press the cloves over the oranges like you can see in the following image.

Easy Halloween Crafts to Make

Easiest Halloween Craft to Make:

For this Halloween Craft, you just need a couple of orangepaper sheets of A4 size, in fact sheet of any size will work. Cut long strips of the page and role over them like the one you can see in the given image.

Another Easy Halloween Craft to Make:

You can make a Halloween Craft like this one very easily. The only difficult part is to cut a hard paper in these shapes. After making this shapes, arrange the oil candles like the ones in the image. A pack of 24 flameless candles could be found here.

The Most Easiest Halloween Craft to make:

It is the easiest halloween craft to make for kids as well as adults. You need a white piece of cloth for it. To make it, follow these steps.

1: Take some starch and mix it in water.
2: Now dip this piece of white cloth in this mixture for a while.
3: Place this cloth over a chair in the given shape in the image untill the cloth is dried.
4: Once the cloth is dried, it will be hardened in this shape. Now you can draw eyes and mouth on it.

Web and Spider:

To make this Halloween craft, you have to discover some sewing skills within you. A web can be sewn very easily on a piece of cloth as you just have to sew in it the given pattern.

Readymade Halloween Crafts from Amazon:

You may also order a pack of 20 readymade Halloween crafts through Amazon. If you are in US, you’ll receive it soon. Follow the link.

Easy Halloween Crafts from Amazon

And there are a number of other Halloween Crafts that can be made with very less effort. We are posting some of them below. Give them a try.

Skulls in a Jar:

Colorful Easy Halloween Crafts:

If you have made any unique craft for Halloween, do share with us and we’ll feature them on our Website and Facebook Page.