Top 10 Scariest Halloween Masks to try this year


Halloween is falling on the last day of this month i.e., October 31 and everyone is excited to celebrate it with new ideas and costumes. Many people go for DIY and homemade Halloween Costume ideas while some buy Halloween Costumes and Masks from stores or online shops. Here we have compiled a list of Top 10 Unique and Scariest Halloween Masks to buy this year and scare your friends.

10: Freddy vs Jason Halloween Mask:

Are you familiar with the Horror movie of 2003 i.e., Freddy vs Jason? This wonderful mask is featuring that movie. This mask is made of high-grade plastic and can be used on different occasions and parties including Halloween. There are about 12 different varieties of this mask that can be viewed on the purchase page. Its price is just $9.99 and can be purchased here.

9: Creepy & Scary Zombie Halloween Mask:

One of the creepiest and scariest masks ever that can make anyone feel like a real Zombie in a haunted house. It is made of high-quality latex and is totally non-toxic. Its comfortable to wear and totally breathable. Do not go for this mask if your face dimension is over 65 cm. There are 6 different varieties of this mask and can be bought here.

8: Decaying Zombie Halloween Mask:

The third one in the list is Decaying Zombie Mask for Halloween that can give goosebumps to anyone with even a strong heart. It is made of 100% latex and the best feature if this mask is that it can be hand washed. Having bloody gushes over the blue tinted skin, it is the perfect match for anyone. It can be found in multi-colors and can be purchased here.

7: LED Halloween Mask with Green Stitches:

With the development of science and technology, we should keep ourselves ready to witness any sort of revolution in Halloween industry. Now, this Green Stitchy mask is the best example of technology. This mask has led flashlights installed and these lights work in Four different modes. The led lights in the mask need just Two AA batteries to work. This Halloween Mask is comfortable to wear and a perfect choice to try this Halloween. Its available in Four different designs and colors, and can be purchased here.

6: Creepy Ghost Halloween Mask:

Now, we have a traditional ghost in the list which we have been watching on our television sets since long. This creepy and scary Halloween mask is made of latex having hair implants. It is one of the best choices for women this year. It can be purchased from here.

5: One-Eyed Creepy Ugly Head Halloween Mask:

If I had to choose a mask for myself for Halloween 2017, I’d go for this one. In my opinion, this is the scariest and hilarious Mask for Halloween 2017. It can give goosebumps to anyone with even a strong heart. It is made of 100% latex and it’s totally non-toxic and environmental. It can be stretched easily and is breathable and comfortable. It can be purchased here.

4: Scary Old Nana Halloween Mask:

Now, this Halloween Mask is something different in the list. Featuring old Nana from a haunted house, this mask is made of Latex having a red fabric headscarf. It is also among the best choices for females this Halloween and it can be bought here.

3: Creepy Pumpkin Head Halloween Mask:

When you listen to the word Halloween, the first thing comes to your mind is a Pumpkin. And this mask is featuring a Pumpkin. Its made of 100% latex and totally non-toxic. It can be fit easily on anyone’s face. Although there are many masks of the same shape is found online that are of low quality but this one is the best of all. You can purchase this Pumpkin Head Mask here.

2: Scary and Creepy Zombie Tongue Halloween Mask:

This is one of the scariest and creepy masks for Halloween this year. It looks like a real zombie with tongue out of the mouth having blood stains over the face and is a must-try mask. Its available in three different colors i.e., Yellow, Red, and Black. It can be bought here.

1: Scary Double Face Halloween Mask:

We gave this Scary Halloween Mask a #1 rating because it is totally different having two evil faces. Its made of latex material and is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Its roomy and can be fit over a child or an adult’s face. This scary Halloween Mask can be bought here.

So, which Halloween Mask you gonna try this year? Do you have something different and more creepy? We’d like to see your Halloween Masks too.