History and Origin of Halloween


Halloween is one of the most popular and favorite festivals in the world and celebrated with full passion and dedication especially in United States. Halloween is celebrated on October 31 every year. Its a Christian festival but celebrated by almost everyone regardless of its nature. Many people think that Halloween was originated in the United States but it is not true. The origin of Halloween is not the United States. So, what is the origin of Halloween and where did Halloween come from? We’ll explain it below.

Where did Halloween Come from?

Ireland, Northern France and the United Kingdom.

Origin of Halloween

What is the Origin of Halloween?

The Word “Halloween” dates back to 1745 and it means Hallowed Evening or Holy Evening. It is said that Halloween was first celebrated by the Celts who used to live in Ireland, Northern France and the United Kingdom of today. In fact, they used to celebrate their New Year on November 1, that was marked as the end of summer. They thought that ghosts of the dead return to earth to cause troubles to the humankind on October 31, so they started celebrating Samhain.

Halloween in Americas:

Maryland was the only state where Halloween was celebrated commonly. After 1850s, thousands of immigrants arrived to America, especially the Irish. So, a combination of Irish and English traditions resulted in a new era of Halloween celebrations. The “Trick-or-Treat” tradition, and especially designed costumes became popular.

Halloween was molded into a community holiday instead of ghosts and witchcraft by the late 1800s. Parades and town-wide parties came into existence by 1920s and 1930s. Trick-or-Treat tradition was also revived during this time which was disappeared recently.

Currently, Halloween is an industry of about $6 Billion in the United States. Americans spend more then $6 Billion on buying Halloween Costumes, Halloween Makeup, Halloween Crafts, and much more on Halloween every year. Candies are also sold on Halloween which are used in Trick-or-Treat and it is estimated that a quarter of all the candy sold every year in the United States is purchased for Halloween.

Credits: Wikipedia & History