Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips for Children


Halloween is celebrated on October 31 every year around the world. People wear Halloween Makeup, Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks, and perform a lot of creepy activities on this night. Its a busy night as the children travel from house-to-house for Trick-or-Treat while the adults join different parties. So, its very important to follow Halloween Safety Tips.


Halloween Safety Tips:

1: Walk safely by looking left and right when crossing the road DO NOT use your Smart Phones and other electronic devices while crossing the road.

2: Make Eye contact with the drivers while crossing the road with busy traffic and also teach your children to do that.

3: Always use traffic signals and crosswalks. Keep looking left and right while you cross.

4: Either use sidewalks or paths, and if there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic as far as possible.

5: Ask your children to stick to familiar areas during their Trick-or-Treat campaigns and if they are under the age of 12, they MUST be in an adult’s supervision AT night.

6: Make their Halloween Costumes and Bags visible by using reflective tape and stickers. Also ask them to carry flashlights or glow sticks so the drivers can see them easily.

7: For children, avoid using Halloween Masks and use Face paints and Makeup as Masks can obstruct the child’s vision.

8: While driving in residential neighborhoods on Halloween night, slow and down and be alert because the children are excited and their movement is unpredictable.

9: The Halloween costumes should be short to avoid any tripping, especially at night.

10: Check all the candies collected by your child and if anyone of them looks not original or not wrapped in an original wrapper, through it away instantly.

So, these were ten important tips that must be practiced to make sure that your children are safe.