Top 5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas For 2017


Halloween is just a couple of steps away and it has now become a headache for the men, women, and children to find a good costume for their Halloween Party. Although a number of Halloween Stores can be found in every county still many of us look for some ideas that can be compiled and converted into an easy and low-cost Halloween Makeup. So, in this article, you’ll find Top 5 DIY and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for the Halloween 2017.

We are going to give you some amazing and DIY ideas for your Halloween Makeup that can be designed easily and instantly within minutes.

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas:


What you need here is just a little amount of shoe polish or a black marker. Draw some terrible shape on your face by yourself or take someone’s help. Try different variations and go with the scariest one. Now wear a black trouser and a black t-shirt along with it, and Boom. You are ready to go now. You won’t spend a penny and become a vampire within a couple of minutes.


Here, We have another Boombastic yet easy Halloween Makeup idea for you and your fellows. Arrange some white paint or marker and a black marker or shoe polish. First, color your face with the white paint and then make some scary patterns with the black marker like the one in the image. We bet, if you see yourself in the mirror, you’ll be frightened of your face. Then take a piece of black cloth and tie it in your neck backward like the superman. Now you are ready to rock at your Halloween party.


The Third one in the list is also a color painting trick but with a different color and approach. Along with Black Polish or Marker, you have to arrange orange paint. First, apply orange paint on your face and then make scary eye shadows and lips over it. If possible, paint a small part of your hair in orange to give it a genuine touch.


Let’s do something creative now. For this, you need red paint, a white marker, and a black marker. First, apply the red paint over the face and then make the circles with the black marker around the eyes. After that, make patterns like a spider’s web with the white marker to give the face a Spiderman look. Then wear a black-orange combination to nail it like a boss.


Here we have another one where you can use a combination of black and white paint. You need to be a little creative to make it work. First, apply white paint over the whole face and then make patterns with black paint. Eye circles, nose tip, and shadows of teeth over the lips. It is a killer combination and will work like a charm.

Do you have any other DIY and easy Halloween Makeup ideas to compile this year? Do share it with us and we’ll feature them on our website and social media pages. Looking for readymade scary masks for Halloween? We are sharing a post for that soon so stay tuned.